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ADA notice

Note: Plans designated as ADA friendly are designed to meet general space requirements per ADA and Fair Housing guidelines. It is the responsibility of the builder to verify all design elements and make the design agree with current guidelines as necessary. Designer provides for general space requirements only. Builder to provide specifications for all fixtures, cabinetry and other items/features that may be in place under ADA guidelines. It is not the intent of the designer to fully address all ADA requirements but rather provide designs that are generally inline with ADA and Fair Housing with regards to opening sizes, bathroom space and other basic issues. In some cases, the above mentioned guidelines do not apply. Therefore, we offer plans on our site that may not incorporate the features outlined in those guidelines and/or requirements. Final compliance is the sole responsibility of the builder and/or plan purchaser. Check with your local building office to detemine compliance requirements based on your specific project and situation.

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