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Duplex house plans

Duplex apartment plans with 2 units per building. In most cases, we can add units to our duplex plans to achieve a larger building should you need something with more apartment units. There is no additional charge for most modifications.
Please use our contact page to submit your request via email.

With a wide variety of floor plans and layouts, you are sure to find a design that suits your project. We can also work with you in combining units from different plans to achieve the final design you need.

1 bedroom duplex plans 2 bedroom duplex plans 3 bedroom duplex plans 1, 2 and 3 Bedroom Duplex combos 4 bedroom duplex plans
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New designs

Shown below are some of our newest and most popular duplexes.

If you have something particular in mind, use the links above to search floor plans by the number of bedrooms per unit.

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Exterior View
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Description of units
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New duplex plan!
J1024-14d RenderingSm.jpg (21036 bytes)
Duplex plan: J1024 -14d

Separate entry porches, a garage per unit and open living space are all offered in this floor plan.

2 bedroom / 1 bath

New plan!
J891-14d_RenderingSm.jpg (24231 bytes)
Duplex plan: J891 -14d

Based on our most popular duplex plan, this building has the units flipped to create separate entry porches.

2 bedroom / 1 bath

New plan!
J0423-14d-B_RenderingSm.jpg (21323 bytes)
Duplex plan: J0423 -14d-B

This duplex has an open concept and covered porches; separated on front and rear for a more private space.

2 bedroom / 2 bath

New plan!
J0704-14d_RenderingSm.jpg (20580 bytes)
Duplex plan: J0704-14d

This duplex offers a garage per unit and open kitchen/dining area.

1 bedroom / 1 bath

New plan!
J0129-14d-2_RenderingSm.jpg (22549 bytes)
Duplex plan: J0129-14d-2

This small duplex offers a garage per unit and economical construction.

1 bedroom / 1 bath

New plan!
J0423-14d_RenderingSm.jpg (22011 bytes)
Duplex plan: J0423 -14d

This duplex has an open concept and covered porches; separated on rear for a more private space.

2 bedroom / 2 bath

New plan!
J0408-14d_RenderingSm.jpg (18066 bytes)
Duplex plan: J0408 -14d

This duplex offers a single garage per unit; separated for a more private entry.

2 bedroom / 2 bath

New plan!
J0129-14d_RenderingSm.jpg (11532 bytes)
Duplex plan: J0129-14d

This small duplex offers an open layout and economical construction.

1 bedroom / 1 bath

Best seller!
Best selling duplex plan, J891d
Duplex plan: J891d
Also see: 4-plex J891-4 / Triplex J891T

Our most popular duplex plan. Large laundry room and rear patio are among the features of this design. It is also available in triplex and fourplex versions.

2 bedroom / 2 bath

duplex plan with garage - J0222-13d-2
Duplex plan: J0222-13d-2
Single garage per unit

This plan offers a covered entry porch and a single garage for each unit.

2 bedroom / 2 bath

4 bedrooom duplex plan - J1103-11-4
Duplex plan: J0602-13d
4 Bedrooms per unit

Unique floor plan with open living area and covered rear porch.

4 bedroom / 2 bath

duplex house plan with garage - J0222-13d
Duplex plan: J0222-13d
Single garage per unit

Attractive duplex with an open floor plan, walk-in closet and single garage per unit.

2 bedroom / 2 bath

Duplex plan with 2 bedrooms & 1 bath - J0124-13d
Duplex plan: J0124-13d

Popular 2 bedroom plan with a large entry porch and kitchen pantry.

2 bedrooms / 1 bath

J0201-13d, 2 bed, 2 bath duplex house plan
Duplex plan: J0201-13d

2 bedrooms per unit with an open layout and a private bath in one of the bedrooms.

2 bedrooms / 2 bath

Duplex plan with carport - J748-C
Duplex plan: J748-CP
Carport per unit

This is a very popular design that offers a carport for parking at each unit to provide cover without the expense of a full garage.

2 bedrooms / 1 bath

J0418-11d, duplex house plan
Duplex plan: J0418-11d
Efficient construction

Efficient floor plan with the main entry doors located toward the interior of the building for added cover in cold climates.

2 bedrooms / 1.5 bath

Narrow lot duplex house plan, J1103-11d
Duplex plan: J1103-11d
Narrow lot plan

Excellent design for narrow lots or to fit more than one building on a single lot.

1 bedroom / 1 bath

J0802d, duplex house plan
Duplex plan: J0802d

Unique duplex house plan with an added side entry for easy and private access.

1 bedroom / 1 bath

duplex plan J0905d
Duplex plan: J0905d
Interior main entrance for both units

Economical floor plan with an enclosed, interior entrance for each unit.

2 bedrooms / 2 bath

narrow lot duplex design - J0929-11d
Duplex plan: J0929-11d
Narrow lot plan

Popular duplex layout to fit most narrow lots.

1 bedroom / 1 bath

Duplex, J0203-11d RenderingSm
Duplex plan: J0203-11d
Narrow lot duplex plan

Another great option to fit most narrow lots.

1 bedroom / 1 bath

J1124-10d, townhouse duplex design
Duplex plan: J1124-10d
Townhouse design

Townhouse-style duplex with a large Jack and Jill bath upstairs and a unique half-bath downstairs.

2 bedrooms / 1.5 bath

Popular design!
popular small duplex plan - J0929-11d
Duplex plan: J778d
Efficient plan

Very popular and efficient small duplex plan. Simple layout and overall building shape keep material costs to a minimum.

2 bedrooms / 1 bath

J09092d RenderingSmall.jpg (7418 bytes)
Duplex plan: J09092d
Designed for general ADA Compliance

This design is popular for the open layout and accessibility features offered.

3 bedroom / 2 bath

J748d , popular duplex plan
Duplex plan: J748d
Efficient plan - Great for small lots

Perfect duplex house plan for those smaller lots. Ease of construction and compact footprint are the keys to success with this plan.

2 bedrooms / 1 bath

Duplex plan J1964d
Duplex plan: J1964d

This 2 bedroom floor plan is based from our most popular 3 bedroom duplex plan - J1031d.

2 bedroom / 2 bath

J-1690d-B, narrow lot duplex house plan
Duplex plan: J1690d-b
Designed for narrow lots

Popular duplex plan for narrow lots.

2 bedrooms / 1 bath

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Should you need assistance with one of our plans or if you need modifications, please feel free to send your request. We will be glad to look at any changes you would like to make and work with you to achieve the floor plan you desire. Most modifications are done within 24 hours at no extra charge.

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All of our plans are based on common requests from builders, individuals and visitors to this site. If you do not see a floor plan that meets your needs, please send e-mail or request a specific layout. We will be glad to assist you with your plan search and guide you toward designs that would best suit your needs or specific situation.
Or, if you find a layout that you would like to modify, get information.



Copyright notice
*All designs are the sole property of PlanSource, Inc. Use of any design without permission of PlanSource, Inc is a violation of federal copyright laws. Plans are licensed for construction of one structure only. If more than one is to be built, please contact our office for information on additional license fees. We thank you for your cooperation.