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Duplex plans: 1,2 and 3 bedroom units.

(Bedroom / bath listed are per unit. Square feet = total building living area.)
Plan# J1010-12d


2,3 bedroom / 1,2.5 bath
Square feet: 2300
Plan# J1014-11d

J1014-11d, exterior view

3,2 bedroom / 2,2 bath
Square feet: 2600
Plan# S2278d

S2278d duplex

3,1 bedroom / 2,1 bath
Square feet: 2278
Plan# S2025d


1,2 bedroom / 1,2 bath
Square feet: 1816
Duplex Plan J1839d

J1839d combo duplex plan

2,3 bedroom / 1.5,1 bath
Square feet: 1781
Duplex Plan J1842d


2,3 bedroom / 2,1 bath
Square feet: 1842
Duplex Plan J2485d

Duplex J2485d

4 bedroom / 2 bath
Square feet: 2424
More duplex designs are coming soon.

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